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  • I’ve just purchased! What now?
    Congrats on the purchase! The process is easy like 1 2 3! We take care of the paperwork behind the scenes and aim to post the new V750 (in your name) along with a step by step instruction sheet on how to assign to your car in approximately 5-6 working days. Although times could vary due to DVLA or Courier delays. Please make sure you’ve filled out your full name and address accurately when checking out. Don't forget to order a set of physical plates from @umrplates in the meantime.
  • Can I still purchase even though I don’t have a vehicle? or if my vehicle doesn’t meet the age requirement?
    Absolutely! Our plates can be held on certificate for 10years! Free of charge too! You assign when you want.
  • Are prices negotiable?
    Our prices are fixed and lowest. We are unmatched when it comes to providing the best quality registrations at the best prices.
  • I’m expecting my paperwork to arrive but not sure how I will assign to my car?
    That’s okay! We completely understand and agree that the current system is more complicated than it needs to be. We’ve simplified the process and you should receive a step by step on how to assign with your purchase. Don’t forget, we’re here to help too!
  • Can I exchange or refund?
    Unfortunately, you cannot. A Registration is classed as 'personalised goods' under the law; and as we sell rights to the registration, it cannot be damaged per se - therefore no refund claim can be made to Megaplates
  • Where can I get physical plates made?
    @umrplates is your guy! Don't forget to tell him we sent you, to get a discount applied!
  • Any hidden fees? Document postage fees?
  • Which payment methods are accepted?
    We work with 2 major payment providers on our website. Stripe - Stripe uses PCI Service Provider Leve 1, which is the highest grade of payment processing security. Klarna - Pay over 3 months with no interest or pay in full in 30 days. Pick one of the two on checkout and purchase with a peace of mind.
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